The use of Quarter-Staff (Stick) in fighting and recreation seems to have been in existence in some form or the other in almost all countries of the world in all times. However, the mode and style of play vary from state to state.

            In India, stick handling techniques are called Silambam. Silambam is an old Martial and Folk art practice. It has been very popular for centuries. Since this art originated in Tamilnadu (One of the states in India), we can find so much of evidence in Tamil literatures like Purananooru, Agasthiar Kambu Suthiram and some other minor literary pieces. Silambam is considered as one of the 64 arts of ancient period, thereby we say it is the mother of all martial arts with unique techniques and practices. In Sangam era, the kings who ruled Dravidanadu greatly patronized this combative art. It was used during warfare.


In modern times, Silambam has three types. They are as follows:-

  1. Silambam for SELF DEFENCE from enemies and wild animals.
  2. Silambam for DEMONSTRATION or RECREATION during Festivals, important occasions etc.,
  3. Silambam in SPORT. Unlike other sports activities, Silambam is performed with certain rules and regulations.


           The wielding of Silambam has developed into a highly sophisticated art with numerous skills. Therapeutic effects, developing strength, health and promoting alertness are attained in the practice of Silambam.


           We all know that our country is rich for its traditional and cultural heritage. Like other foreign countries, we people of India also giving more importance to propogate our traditional arts. In that perception, we, Simashan Institute of Martial Arts, Madurai (established in 2001) have decided to propogate our cultural and martial art ‘Silambam’ all over the world through demonstration in DVD and VCD form by next month. Silambam art is one of the 64 arts of ancient and mother of all martial arts found in tamil history and literature. But this art is slowly vanishing its reputation now a days.

            Meanwhile, foreign countries are very much interested in doing research work on our Indian cultural art ‘Silambam’. For instance, Mr. Edward L. Powe from Wisconsin (U.S.A) prepared a research book with full details of Silambam through our Simashan Institute of Martial Arts last year.

            However, if Silambam art comes in VCD or DVD demonstration form, it would be helpful for foreign tourist to realize our beauty of art and we can focus this art to our younger generation mind. Thereby, Silambam will retain its reputation through this demonstration programme.

           With this reference, we are approaching you to give some advertisements of your concern or company through sponsorship in the release of Silambam DVD / VCD programme. Moreover, People’s President of India Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam released the completed version of this project all over the world, dated on 19th January 2008 at Madurai (TN). Hence, this is part of your interest and help for preserving and regenerating our cultural art – Silambam, through sponsoring for it.



    Esteemed Dr. J. DAVID MANUEL RAJ, M.A., DPE., PH.D., (An exponent of Silambam Fencing and an official observer for the XXIII world Olympic Games, Chennai).
    Esteemed Dr. A.C. MOHAN DOSS, I.A.S., (Director, South Zone Cultural Centre, Thanjavur).
    Eminent SAJORU TESHI GAWARA, (Akido and other Asian Martial Arts Practitioner, Japan).
    Eminent Dr. P. PALANIVEL RAJAN, M.S., (Ortho) (Specialist in Arthoscopic Surgery and sports injury, Madurai).
    Eminent Mr. J.R. STALIN MICHAEL, (Asst. Comm. Of Police, ADC, Govt. of Tamilnadu, Madurai).
    Esteemed Mr. BHASKAR DHANRAJ, (Tourist Officer, Govt. of Tamilnadu, Madurai).
    Eminent Mr. N. SULAIMAN, (Retd. Asst. Director, the Regional Centre for Art & Culture, Govt. of Tamilnadu, Madurai).
    Eminent Dr. EDWARD L. POWE Ph.D., (Researcher in Black Martial Arts, Paterson, New Jersey, Madison, WI – U.S.A).
    Eminent Mr. S.M. PILLAI, (Founder World M.G.R Silamba Association, Kanyakumari Dt.).
    Padmashri Dr. KAMAL HASAN (Film Artist, Chennai).

M. Shahul Hameed, Founder & Chairman, 

WE ARE Grateful to our Silambam Teachers

  1. Mr. A.K. Mohamed Ali Madurai, (TN)
  2. Mr. Katherasan, Madurai, (TN)
  3. Mr. S.M. Mani, Madurai, (TN)
  4. Mr. A. Appanasamy, Madurai, (TN)
  5. Dr. K. Sheik Usman, Madurai, (TN)
  6. Mr. Muthunadar, Madurai, (TN)
  7. Hajee L. John Bava, Thirunelveli, (TN)
  8. Mr. C. Chandrasekaran, Thanjavur, (TN)
  9. Mr. K.M.M. Salem, Madurai, (TN)


  1. Mrs. Sarathu samadhani, Madurai (TN).
  2. Mr. S. Subramaniam Aiya, (Master of Aesthetics), Madurai (TN)
  3. Mr. S.M. Pillai, (Founder, World MGR Silamba Khazagam) Kanyakumari (TN).
  4. Dr. T. Cinnaraj Joseph, (Principal, The American College), Madurai (TN).
  5. Dr. R. Murali, (The Madura College), Madurai, (TN).
  6. Mr. K.P. Olympia Jayakumar (Body Building art – exponent) Chennai, (TN).
  7. Mr. A. Malayaman, (Body Building art-exponent) Villupuram (TN).




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